¡Únete a Sevilla Negra y hazte socio para ayudarnos a construir un espacio propio donde la población negra en Sevilla pueda reunirse y crecer juntos!

Why become a member of Sevilla Negra?

At Sevilla Negra, we are committed to creating a safe and welcoming space for the black population in Seville. Currently, we do not have our own physical address, but with your monthly contribution of just 5 euros, we can change that.

What will we invest your monthly contribution of 5 euros in?

All the monthly fees we receive will be used to rent a place in Seville where we can meet as members of Sevilla Negra. This space will be much more than just a meeting place; It will be the heart of our community, a center of activities and learning where we will share happy moments and support our brothers and sisters.

Film/Cultural Club: We will host film screenings, debates, workshops and cultural events to celebrate and promote the diversity of black culture.

Academic Support: We will offer support classes for students preparing for the ESA and PAU, helping them reach their maximum academic potential.

Sharing Knowledge: We will encourage collaboration between volunteers willing to share their knowledge and experiences with the community. Saturdays and Sundays will be days of learning and growth.

How can you help?

You can become a member and make a monthly contribution of 5 euros to help us achieve our goal of getting our own space. In addition, we encourage you to use our donation and collaboration registry, where you can sign up and contribute your monthly contribution.

Together, we can create a space in Seville where our community can thrive, learn and grow stronger. Let's make Sevilla Negra a place of meeting and growth for all of us! Join today and be part of this exciting adventure.

Additionally, we will create an Excel sheet to register potential members and collaborators who wish to support the Sevilla Negra Association!

This sheet will be designed to help us achieve our goals of supporting the black population in Seville. It will be a secure and confidential registry, where each member or collaborator will register with their permission and their expression of support or volunteering, or anonymously if they prefer.

This registration will allow us to maintain effective communication and stay in touch with all those who wish to join our cause. We want each person to feel part of our community and contribute to the growth and development of Sevilla Negra.

The Association will convene a general assembly every 6 months with all members and collaborators to evaluate the progress and objectives achieved and propose ideas for better growth of the association.

Join Sevilla Negra and let's build a better future together!