Sevilla Negra

What is Black Seville?

During the 16th and 17th centuries, 10% of the population of Seville was black or mestizo. Seville was known by the name “the chessboard” due to the large number of blacks who lived there. Today there are very few traces of that racist past, because the situation of those people was terrible, they were part of the lowest stratum of that society.

Sevilla Negra is a game to learn. Our desire is to make known this story of people like us, racialized people. Five centuries have passed, today we, black boys, African boys, are here, but we were not the first.

We have returned, and we have returned to take up the history of our ancestors and to stay too.

How to play?

The game is a gymkhana, that is, you have to pass different tests, answering different questions, which can be solved in the different places or posts that you have to follow, it will be like a treasure map, and like in each plane there will be different places that you have to visit to be able to answer the questions.

To get from one post to another we will give you some clues, you also have below the post the time that, according to Google Maps, it takes to walk to that post from where you are.

In total there are nine posts, all related to the life of the black and mulatto people who lived in Seville in the 16th century and later.

The player or players who got the most correct answers and took the least time will win the gymkhana, so it is important to answer well and also not go too slowly ;)

The estimated duration of the game is one and a half hours.

Any questions about the game? Are you ready? Well, on three, the test begins

Start to play!

Play is by appointment only. The meeting point to start playing is the mouth of the "Puerta Jerez" metro station.

You can make an appointment to play by calling 631406385 and email

To know more

Here you can continue documenting yourself to learn more about the history of Black Seville.

Sevilla Negra Solidarity Program

Immerse yourself in the fascinating forgotten history of Seville through the video of Sevilla Negra, in collaboration with the Canal Sur program Solidarios. It explores the 16th and 17th centuries, when 10% of the city's population was black or mulatto, giving it the nickname "the chessboard." Join this free initiative that seeks to rescue and disseminate the history of those who lived in the lowest stratum of society, keeping their memory alive. Join black and African boys who, after five centuries, return to reclaim and celebrate the history of their ancestors in an exciting learning and awareness game.

Testimony of the Sevilla Negra route

Discover the shocking experience of the "Black Seville" route through this video. Join the narrator as she shares her experience on this unique route, which explores the historical corners of Seville from a different perspective. Join her as she tours the city following the history of black slavery, guided by Hassan in an exciting gymkhana format. Whether you live in Seville, are nearby, or plan to visit the city, this video invites you to immerse yourself in an incomparable cultural and educational experience.

Video testimony about the route

A unique tour that immersed us in the history of the city in a new and revealing way.

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