Sevilla Negra Association

Remember, Recover, Remove, Revolve, Restart.

Our association was born as a tribute to the history and heritage of black and mulatto people in Seville, finding its roots in the deep inspiration provided by the book "Los invisibles" by Jesús Cosano.

Origin of the Sevilla Negra Association

🏛 Inspiration in the history of the blacks of Seville: Reconstruction of forgotten stories and notable contributions.

🔗Connect the history of our ancestors with the present: Reflect the evolution of our community over time...

🤝 Creation of a Community: Unite the black community in Seville. Strengthen identity and sense of belonging.

At the heart of our mission and vision is an unwavering commitment to anti-racism. We work tirelessly to build a society where equity, respect and justice prevail over any form of racial discrimination.

Main objective and transversal: ANTI-RACISM

🤝🌍Defend and promote the human dignity and rights of black African and Afro-descendant people: Fight for equality and justice. Promotion of rights and recognition.

🔍🗣️Visibilize the black community of Seville as subjects of the social, political and cultural life of the city: Revelation of identity and contributions. Representation in all areas

🌍💭 Undertake conscious tourism that embraces historical memory from a decolonial perspective in Seville.

🚶‍♀️🗺️ Promote the inclusion of the Black Seville Route in the city's popular tourist circuit, opening a path towards diversity and silenced history.

Tourismo descolonial
Tourismo descolonial

🤝🌐 Promote the self-organization of black and Afro-descendant people in Seville, creating a united and supportive fabric.

🧠📚 Raise awareness about the historical memory of the black-African and Afro-descendant population in Seville, weaving links with the past.

👩‍🌾🌍 Move towards gender equality inspired by African and Afrodiasporic feminisms, weaving an authentically intersectional network that embraces the multiple dimensions of equality.


🎙️📚 Create a sound archive that gives voice to stories from the Sevillian black community, researchers, historians and prominent figures of the city, enriching the routes with authentic stories.

🎬🌍 Produce and share through social networks audiovisual content that reflects the concerns, experiences, emotions and reality of the black-African and Afro-descendant population in Seville, illuminating new perspectives.


🌟Attached Activities

1. Strengthening Anti-Racist and Decolonial Connections

🤝📚 Strengthen a collaboration network with other associations, entities and university centers in training processes to promote anti-racist education and decolonial knowledge.

2. Living Culture and Learning in Action

🎭📖 Organization of cultural events, workshops, courses and seminars to provide interactive learning spaces, where knowledge is intertwined with lived experience.

3. Raising Voices: Afro-descendant Awareness in Seville

📢🌍 Awareness campaigns about the situation of black African and Afro-descendant people in Seville through interactive activities, raising their voices and creating bridges of understanding. Write a title for each point.

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