Sevilla Negra Association

Remember, Recover, Remove, Revolve, Restart.

The inspiration that gave life to the "Sevilla Negra" association came from the deep reading of the book "Los invisibles", written by Jesús Cosano. In this work, the facts and realities that surrounded the black people of Seville throughout history are unraveled. Through this revealing text, light is shed on the experiences, struggles, and contributions of black people who were often left in the shadows of conventional historical narrative.

Reading "The Invisibles" ignited the spark of awareness and the need to honor the memory of those whose stories have been silenced for too long. This literary work served as a gateway to a deeper understanding of the presence and influence of black people in the history of Seville and, by extension, in the formation of current society.

Guided by this commitment to historical truth and authentic representation, the "Black Seville" association set out to give voice to the experiences and achievements of black and mulatto people who played a fundamental role in the city's identity and its evolution through over the centuries. This inspiration was the starting point for the creation of a united community, whose purpose is to revitalize collective memory and foster mutual understanding and respect.

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